People Performance the Achilles Way

At its core Leadership is all about communication and the ability to encourage growth and accountability through clear expectations, feedback, goals and incentives.
At Achilles Group, we believe that People Performance is the engine that drives any enterprise and that effective Leadership practices provide the tool kit to keep that engine running at peak efficiency.

One of the most important communication competencies is the ability to set expectations.  Leaders must learn and apply the principles that lead employees through the stages of awareness, understanding, acceptance and commitment.  From the first interview, through the onboarding process, orientation, on the job training and beyond, a Leader’s role is to build clarity and acceptance around key expectations.

Clear communication of expectations fuels accountability for results.
It is also important to establish two–way communication and effective feedback.  Environments where team members continuously invite, embrace and offer candid feedback keep energies aligned to achieve growth and an enhanced focus on profitable priorities.

Another aspect of the People Performance toolkit is to set clear goals and to help all members of the team recognize how they can engage to achieve those goals.  That is the whole point of any business, to align energies and talent to common objectives.  Everyone on your team has different viewpoints, capabilities, and levels of expertise.  The Leadership challenge is to make sure they all know which levers to pull to create profitable outcomes.

We all become smarter, faster and stronger when we collaborate to achieve clearly stated objectives.
And to fuel the fire of progress a Leader must design and apply incentives in a meaningful and manageable way.  Connect simple, well designed and understood incentives to targeted results and you build momentum, loyalty and retention amongst your most productive employees.

At Achilles we know that the best path to profitability is through a Leader’s ability to develop and encourage growth in their people. 
People Performance the Achilles Way equips Leaders at all levels with the full spectrum of tools required to establish expectations, build accountability, pursue goals, and to incentivize results aligned with your business strategies.

So, if you’re truly intent on building a profitable organization, you should be equally intent on People Performance and take steps to equip your Leaders with the right focus, tools and technique.

Achilles Group would love to help lead the way! Feel free to reach out to one of our experienced HR professionals at 281-469-1800, and let us help you get started on the path to growth and success!

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