Make Key Decisions to Propel Your Company Growth

Team Communication

Team Communication

Benefit from structured channels and clarity of messaging that cascades the “What” and the “Why It Matters” to all levels

Cash Compensation

Cash Compensation

Construct or update approaches to base pay and variable pay that most effectively drive profitable outcomes

Priority Outcomes

Priority Outcomes

We act as a catalyst for your visioning and planning stages and help ensure priorities are directionally correct and sequenced to achieve profitable outcomes

Your Long List Of Priorities Looms Over Your Company

Your approach to Organizational Communications, Cash Compensation, Incentives, and other key priorities must align with your strategy for growth.
You know what needs to happen, yet it’s hard to keep strategic cadence and focus.
You have seemingly endless priorities and need support. Where do you focus first for the highest effectiveness?
You know what needs to happen, yet it’s hard to keep strategic cadence and focus!
Houston-based HR Consultants

For 20 years, Houston companies have turned to Achilles Group for executive alignment.

As Houston-based HR Consultants, our high-growth clients are entrepreneurial. As a leader, has establishing effective ways to cascade information been a challenge? Are you struggling to get your team to align with your key initiatives and understand why they matter?

That’s where your HR Consultant through Achilles Group comes in. We guide your efforts to make communication and total cash compensation a core competency of your team.
We can organize people and teams around the levers they must pull to achieve profitable outcomes.

Your Achilles Group HR Consultant transforms your HR from compliance-focused to profitability-driven.

You know your business inside and out, but struggle with clarity of your business objectives and why they matter. You need help to provide your team the focus, tools, and techniques to execute on your strategy. An outside perspective can often act as the catalyst that you need to help all of your people work together in pursuit of growth opportunities.

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You need a team of HR experts at your side to help you make smart people decisions that drive profitability.

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