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Meet Your New HR Team

A Houston-based Team of HR Professionals

You Get the Team

You Get the Team

Gain designated support plus access to the full Achilles Group inventory of broad and deep HR expertise



Get support from a local team that collectively works smarter, faster, and stronger to effectively respond to your HR needs

Profit Focused

Profit Focused

You need a team of HR experts at your side to help you make smart people decisions that drive profitability

A Team-based Approach to Serving Our Clients

Achilles Group is a team of accomplished Houston HR advisors that has elevated the concept of teamwork to the next level.

Generalists by trade each of us have areas of depth, passion, expertise and experience. We know working smarter, faster, and stronger as a team effectively serves our clients. It is this mentality that enables us to deliver superior human resources support and gives us the flexibility to work with clients from a variety of backgrounds and industries.

Learn more about our values.

A New Way to Bring HR to Houston

HR Professional Team in Houston, TX

Our Professionally Human Approach

We focus upon serving businesses with headquarters in and around Houston Texas because relationships matter. At least periodic face to face interaction is essential to building effective relationships.

We have multi-state HR expertise and can meet the needs of clients with satellite offices anywhere in the United States. We know our way to the airport when needed.

You Get The Team of HR Professionals, in Houston, TX

Commitment to Our Employees and Family

Our colleagues work hard to be accessible and responsive to clients and to each other.

We also enjoy a lot of flexibility when it comes to time off, self-directed work schedules, periods of virtual work, and in general whatever time we need to find balance.

That includes taking time to gather as a team to play, break bread together and give thanks.

Our Mission

To Equip and Encourage Leaders to Make Smart People Decisions

Our Vision

To Give HR a New Name Through a Professionally Human Approach

Our Values

Genuinely Interested
Genuinely Interested
We want to know the ins-and-outs of your story, how you operate your business, the successes you celebrate and the stresses that keep you up at night. We appreciate being part of your journey.
Navigating the Gray
Navigating the Gray

We recognize there is no one-size-fits-all approach to HR, only tailored solutions. Our Professionally Human approach acts as a guiding light through the gray, often murky waters of HR.

Diversity of Thought
Diversity of Thought
We move beyond our individual filters to see the value in every person’s experience, perspectives, and ideas. Together, we are Smarter, Faster and Stronger, providing our clients the fuel needed to drive smart people decisions and profitable business outcomes.
Our Values
Extending Grace
We believe in adding compassion back into business, regardless of your situation, while balancing accountability and business expectations.

Meet Your New HR Team

We’ve built a team we’re proud of so you can rely on us to make smart people decisions.
Dan Calvert is an expert in Human Resources for Retail, InvesTex Credit Union Board Member and Managing Member of Achilles Group, LLC.
Kristen McGullion is an HR Advisor, Expert Business Development Strategist, and Managing Member of Achilles Group, LLC.
Stan Spaulding is an expert in Human Resource Leadership Coach, Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and Managing Member of Achilles Group, LLC.
Amelia Boettiger brings a unique blend of HR acumen, adaptability, focus, and clear thinking to support multiple functions across our business.
Bailey Bautista s a Human Resource professional who engages with a diverse array of HR workstreams including exceptional HR process build and recruiting results for clients across multiple industries.
Bill Bahr is an Human Resources professional specializing in regulatory compliance, employee relations, policy development, risk management and labor relations.
Brian Grayson is an accomplished HR professional with a strong track record of improving employee experience through strategic initiatives and proactive engagement programs.
Brianna Carter is a charismatic Human Resource professional who delivers stellar customer service.
Cathy Kilgore Cathy Kilgore is a senior human resources leader, expert in company mergers and acquisitions and employee retention.
Christy Plant brings to Achilles her passion for leadership, learning, and development and a depth of business knowledge. She delivers exceptional HR workstreams and Achilles TalentConnection services to clients.
Cindy Brinkmeyer is a Human Resources Consultant specializing in HR driven business strategy.
Courtney Shelton is a Professional in Human Resources and Society for Human Resources Management Certified Professional.
Emily Green serves as a key contributor to our Achilles TalentConnection Services and provides core HR services to clients across multiple industries.
Hannah Arabie is a Human Resource professional who engages with multiple clients as a Designated Consultant and also as a contributor to several internal Achilles process improvement teams.
Jennifer Heylmun is a relationship builder and trusted resource for Houston business leaders and a proactive ambassador for the Achilles Brand.
Keely Mendoza is an Accounting Professional and Leader of Achilles Group Management Team.
Kyra Bob delivers services and projects to support our clients and works internally to develop products for Achilles, such as employee communication templates and training documents.
Matthew Samford brings a depth of experience as a recruiter and is a key contributor for Achilles TalentConnection Services. He also researches, constructs, and delivers core HR policy and process for clients across multiple industries.
Monica Scott is a Member of the Achilles Group Management Team and Specializes in Team Talent, Growth and Development.
Sara Aloumar is a dedicated professional with a focus in recruiting within our TalentConnection Services team.
Shaina Schwartz is a Professional in Human Professional, Contract Manager, Onboarding Specialist, and Workload Allocation to Support Client Retention.
Taylor Spaulding is a Business Analyst to fuel the performance and margin objectives of Achilles Group.
Tracy O’Neil is a senior human resource leader with extensive experience in the strategic and operational aspects of human resources.
Veronica Flores is an energetic and effective Human Resources professional who specializes in intervention skill.