Is your organization outgrowing your current HR capabilities?

The more people you add to your team the greater the need for structure and leadership. Growth requires a new way of doing business. As the demands increase you worry you lack the right structure to manage the compliance of your organization. In the meantime you:

Is your organization outgrowing your current HR capabilities?

A Profitable Way To Think About Outsourcing HR

Every Achilles client is backed by our entire team of HR experts to help you transform your HR from a compliance mechanism to a profitability driver.

Build A Cohesive HR Framework

Growth requires a new way of doing business, we’ll help you rethink the way you structure HR.

Gain Leadership Disciplines To Meet Your Growth Demands
Our Leadership and Team Coaching is tailored to help your team reach your goals.
Take A Proactive Approach To Risk Mitigation

Tap into our 20 years of experience navigating risks and protecting our clients from HR problems.

Trusted By Houston's Great Companies

Houston Companies Receive Access To Our Proven HR Services

You’ll benefit from our broad and deep expertise to build a cohesive HR Framework and install leadership disciplines to meet your specific needs.


Houston's Solution for HR Outsourcing

You need a team of HR experts at your side to help you make smart people decisions that drive profitability.

Schedule a Free Consultation
The discovery session introduces us to your company goals.
Review a Customized Proposal
We’ll outline how we can help you achieve your goals.
Get Support from Our HR Experts
Your dedicated expert will guide you through your new HR Framework.

Serving Growing Companies for 20 Years

When a growing company begins to face the HR experience gap, the organization takes on risks and limits profitability.
For 20 years, we’ve partnered with growing companies in the Houston area to provide HR expertise. We build a cohesive HR framework and install leadership disciplines that meet the specific needs of your business.
Instead of relying on a single person in-house, our clients benefit from the breadth and depth of knowledge of everyone on our team.
Achilles Group Outsourced HR Houston Team

HR Services the Achilles Way

At Achilles Group, we know you want to be a leader who makes smart people decisions. In order to do that, you need to outsource HR expertise for your Houston-based business.
The problem is you’re quickly outgrowing your current HR expertise and capabilities. You worry you lack the right structure and leadership disciplines to support your organization. Does your HR experience gap expose the organization and limit profitability?

Outgrowing Your HR Capabilities Puts Your Company at Risk

People are the most important resource in your company. It’s working together and bringing your best to the company that drives growth and increases profitability. You’re better together.

What happens when you put the company at risk because of a gap in your human resource capabilities? One mistake can cause a cascading impact to your entire team. HR is more than just compliance. Invest in your people with an HR Framework Houston-based companies have relied on for years.