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Strategy Alignment is the area of our Fractional HR model that is focused on aligning your people with your strategic organizational initiatives.  In order for this to become a reality, ongoing leadership development must be a priority.

To help you in this effort, we would like to invite you and the leaders of your organization to Leadercast 2017: Building Leaders Worth Following.

  • What: Live broadcast of Leadership 2017: Building Leaders Worth Following (Click here for All of the Event Details)
  • When: May 5, 2017 from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm CDT
  • Where: Studio Movie Grill at City Centre, 822 Town and Country Boulevard
  • Price: $99 group pricing with Achilles Group (Use Promo Code Achilles)

We are excited about this event because of the leadership development opportunities it affords and the fact that it is a major fundraiser for Outreach Center of West Houston, a charitable organization that we at Achilles Group value greatly.  In fact, take a look at the short video to see the great work that they do.

About Outreach Center of West Houston
Outreach Center of West Houston provides clean, well-maintained and appealing facilities for multiple non-profit community service programs that allow individuals to restore purpose to their lives, learn new skills, develop healthy relationships, and experience positive mental, physical, spiritual and emotional growth.

In other words, Outreach Center of West Houston provides a facility occupied by an amazing “community” of outreach programs working in a collaborative environment. The many non-profit programs that operate in and from the Outreach Center of West Houston offer year-round sports programs, an adult computer learning lab, English as a Second Language classes, GED preparation, theatre and dance programs, one-on-one counseling for children with learning disabilities, sobriety help, a library for at-risk children and much more, all at no cost to participants from the community.

In our business, we work for profitable results by developing and encouraging growth in our people. In similar focus, Outreach Center of West Houston exists to house a wide selection of programs that help participants achieve life-changing growth.

About Leadercast
Click here to Learn All About Leadercast

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