HR Policy

HR Policy

Install a well-constructed, concise, and culturally compatible foundation of core HR policy and process

HR Compliance

HR Compliance

Maintain the right compliance and HR process fidelity to avoid the negative and at times costly impact of employment law violations

HR Guidance

HR Guidance

Benefit from HR development, training, coaching, mentoring, and compliance guidance as well as quick-connect advisement when things get risky or challenging

Is Your Company Exposed To Risks?

Growing companies who face an HR problem realize their lack of structure and HR expertise exposes the organization to risk.

You worry you lack the right compliance and HR risk managment process fidelity to avoid the negative and at times costly impact of employment law violations.

Does your HR experience gap expose the organization to financial risk that takes away from profitability?
HR Risk Mitigation

A Dedicated Expert to Mitigate HR Risks

We collaborate with your team members and designated administrative employees to create and implement all HR-related policies and procedures. Your administrative employee will keep processes running, while we:

For 20 years, Houston companies have turned to Achilles Group for HR risk mitigation.

We build a cohesive HR framework and install leadership disciplines that meet the specific needs of your business.
Instead of relying on a single person in-house, our clients benefit from the breadth and depth of knowledge from everyone on our team. You’ll receive a dedicated HR expert as your direct contact who understands your unique goals. They are an extension of your team working proactively to keep you safe.
The Achilles Way to HR Consultancy in Houston.

Houston's Solution for HR Outsourcing

You need a team of HR experts at your side to help you make smart people decisions that drive profitability.

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