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How to Improve People Performance

How to Improve People Performance
We all know that the profitability of our business is tied to the capabilities and performance of our people.  So, what must we do to become highly effective at growing people and managing performance?

To improve people performance we must invest in two ways:
  1. Encourage growth; equip our people with expanding KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities).
  2. Manage performance against expectations thru effective coaching and accountability.

Achilles Fractional HR model is the most cost effective approach to investing in people. We equip front line leaders with performance management tools and competencies required to engage their people with accountability, inspire growth and protect the company.

If you are committed to raising the bar on People Performance you should focus consistent attention on the following performance management competencies:
  • Establish effective employee relations, recognition, role clarity, communications
  • Set core behavioral and performance expectations, provide feedback, set goals, measure outcomes
  • Develop leaders that embrace ownership and accountability for results, standards and values
  • Coaching effectiveness, talent pool development and alignment with established business priorities
At Achilles we believe that encouraging growth in your people is a catalyst for profitability.  We engage as a team, we learn about your business, what you produce, the services you offer and how you make money.  Then we sync up your job descriptions, accountabilities, roles and requisite knowledge, skills and abilities with your performance management focus, tools and techniques.

We will be accessible and responsive to provide counsel, intervention and direct hands on support to address any escalated employee relations issues.  And we have the expertise to engage in people challenges at any level or work environment; the plant, warehouse, floor, field, office, back room or board room.

Achilles Group HR Professionals can help you grow profitability in your business through equipping your leaders to grow their people.  Talk to one of our Encouraging Leaders at 281-469-1800.
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