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Encouraging Leaders

We all need leaders in our business, not just managers, expeditors, supervisors or command and control drill sergeants; though all of these have their own place of importance.  We need leaders that understand the fundamental power of encouragement.  If you want to grow profitability in your business then learn and apply techniques that encourage growth in your people.

We engage to make a difference through our expertise, team work and professionally human approach.  And we take a lot of pride in our commitment to provide encouragement for leaders at every opportunity.

Now before this gets labeled as a soft, indulgent or touchy-feely approach it is actually quite the opposite.

Some of the most encouraging leaders on our career journey were those that pressed us with accountability to see our gaps, learn, apply effort and grow. Take a look around your conference room table and consider those colleagues who gather with you for your leadership meetings.  Have you ever heard one of these statements used to describe a key player on your team?

They are a tremendous technical talent but…

  • Not a good communicator
  • Hard to get along with
  • They come across as cold and analytical
  • They lack patience
  • They are not a good leader
  • They are not a team player
  • They do not know how to connect with people or build relationships

Colleagues with these issues will either grow in ways that magnify their technical value or they will get in the way and hinder the growth of others.  The work of encouragement here is anything but soft and demands discipline, hard work and proper motivation.  Remember the phrase “no pain, no gain”?  Encouragement comes in many forms.

Encouraging Leaders are those who earn their authority and embrace, model and promote principles that matter.  They focus on people (not employees) and they understand that with each investment in accountability and growth they also impact profitability.

If you need a guide to encouraging leaders, keep a focus on the following attributes:

  • Start with heart, show courage of conviction and build platforms upon which your people can grow.
  • Earn your authority, provide candid feedback, see potential and speak encouragement.
  • Enrich vision, lift ceilings, see the good, give belief and advance the lives of others.

If you want to build your leadership competencies then connect with the Encouraging Leaders of the Achilles Group.  We work to encourage growth and to make a difference in your people and your profitability.

Achilles Group can help your business grow through equipping your leaders to grow their people.  Talk to one of our experienced HR professionals at 281-469-1800.

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