Effective Recruiting Is More Than Meets the Eye

Sometimes you can’t see a problem until someone from the outside points it out, and that’s particularly true in the recruiting process. What may initially be a good recruiting strategy for your company could also slow you down as the company gets larger. We wanted to provide you with an example that you might be seeing within your own organization. Meet fictional ABC Services to understand how we could help your Recruiting Effectiveness.

“We always thought we were pretty good at finding the right talent, but we gradually realized that wasn’t quite the case. After a period of some relatively heavy employee turnover, we were looking to fill some vacant positions, and it started becoming more and more difficult to find the right candidates.
Luckily, Achilles Group was able to take a look at our HR strategy and make it work much better! With their outside perspective, they were able to locate aspects of our recruiting process that weren’t working, help us screen potential candidates, and then make great improvements to our onboarding process. In addition, they also helped strengthen our employee handbook and policy implementation, which has improved our employee retention.”

Does the beginning of this situation sound familiar to you? Let us take a look at your business and see how we can help you? Contact Achilles Group today!

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