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Why Employee Feedback is Essential to Business Growth

While rapid business growth is always an exciting prospect, it’s not without its challenges. In the case of South Hampton Resources, they were a smaller company with a family-style business whose growth quickly exceeded their management capacity. They had many tenured employees, so as the management personnel transformed it took some getting used to.

However, Achilles Group was happy to step in and facilitate a smoother transition. If the management style of your business isn’t adequately adapting to business growth, we can help by analyzing your business and implementing a more efficient communication strategy. With South Hampton Resources, we were able to work with their executive management team on a more inclusive top-down management style. For instance, the addition of monthly management meetings allowed the executives to hear updates from each department and collaborate on problem-solving. These meetings strengthened the overall bond of the company, filtering down through the rest of the organization and enlivening their culture and employee engagement.

At Achilles Group, we believe that growing businesses CAN maintain a strong family-style atmosphere. Click here to find out how we can help make that happen!

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