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The Importance of People Performance

We Don’t Hire People to Lose Them

For those that might not be as familiar with our Fractional HR Concept, we’re excited to share that our upcoming posts will be focused on providing you with more in-depth information on each of the four components that make up Fractional HR (People Performance, Strategy Alignment, HR Infrastructure, Recruiting Effectiveness).  This month we will focus on the importance of People Performance.

The importance of People Performance starts from the very beginning of the hiring process. The relationship between you and a prospective employee or a new employee begins with the commitment you have to support their growth and their expectations. Always keep in mind that we don’t hire people to lose them. If an employee doesn’t work out, we need to own that as leaders.

There are 3 reasons that we lose employees:

  1. We picked the wrong person for the job.

  1. We picked the right person for the job, but we didn’t provide them with the right tools and understanding of their role.

  1. We picked the right person, but they got off track. This might be due to behavior or performance communication issues or conflicting expectations.

In each situation, Achilles Group can help make sure you hire the right people and keep the right people by using our Fractional HR Method.

  • In order to make sure you pick the right person for the job, we can help you recruit and screen accurately. You need to have a solid recruiting game plan in place before you even start the screening process.
  • If you’ve picked the right person for the job, then we can help you have the right onboarding processes in place. You want to make sure that job descriptions and roles are clearly defined to set up your new hire for success. We want to equip your leaders to encourage growth in your people. Encouraging growth doesn’t end after their first year of employment, it needs to be an ongoing cultural priority.
  • If you have hired the right person and they have gone off track, we can help you get them back on track by working with your leaders to define and set very clear expectations and have them provide timely feedback. If they are truly getting off track, we can work with you to create a performance improvement plan that will motivate and inspire new success. Even if it gets to a point where disciplinary actions are needed, the goal is still to keep that person and find a way for them to thrive in their role.

The performance of your people is vital to your company. At Achilles, we know that developing and encouraging growth in your people is the best path to a profitable future. Let us help you with your People Performance today by reaching out to one of our experienced HR professionals at 281-469-1800.

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