Leadership that Starts with the Heart

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, a time to celebrate love and relationships.  And while you don’t always hear the word love when it comes to the workplace, it’s been proven that employees who feel that they work in a supportive, encouraging, caring culture, perform better.

At Achilles Group we believe the number one accountability of a leader is to encourage growth in their people.  And the only way to be in position to carry out this accountability is to develop effective relationships.  Your people need to know you care.  That’s what we mean by “Start with the Heart”, check your motives and recognize what is required to establish a heartfelt connection that fuels growth in your people and profitability in your work.

Great leaders understand that relationships matter and that the best way to cultivate effective relationships is to apply principles of leadership especially in the area of People Performance.

In our Fractional HR Model, People Performance is a core part of our heritage, and how we began building a foundation for our brand 15 years ago.   And every day we spend a lot of our energies encouraging ongoing development in leadership competencies related to establishing role clarity, setting expectations, coaching, accountability, interventions, progressive discipline, feedback, goal setting and incentivizing growth in your people.

We are practitioners of servant leadership because we recognize that a true leader is not focused on their own selfish ambition or vain conceit, but rather a leader must consider others better than themselves and worthy of their time and attention.  And let’s face it, as leaders the only way we can achieve profitability is through others, that makes our people pretty important don’t you think?

This approach to servant leadership begins with connection, knowing what is needed at a given time. Do they need coaching, discipline, accountability, an encouraging word, attention, support, feedback…?

Try this recipe for servant leadership…

  • Start with Heart
  • Put first things first
  • People are always first things
  • Care enough to give them what they need

We had the privilege of working with a very committed leader of a great company with the credo “Relationships Matter”.  And this credo was backed up by the belief that leaders in their company must be coaches.  This leader held a foundational view that our job is to “coach people on what they ought to do so they can become what they were meant to be…”

So during this season of love… give your people one of the best Valentines gifts ever, your encouragement.  And call us, because that’s what we do and who we are…Achilles Group, Encouraging Leaders.

We can help you Start with the Heart here at Achilles Group. Talk to one of our experienced HR professionals at 281-469-1800.

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