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When you think about winning teams in professional baseball, the New York Yankees are one of the first teams that come to mind. But have you ever thought about why that is? Maybe lots of great players? Well, while they’ve certainly had many amazing players throughout the years, they’ve also been led by fantastic coaches, including Tony La Russa, Casey Stengel, and Joe McCarthy.

But what does it take to be a fantastic coach? First, there are the GOOD coaches: those that create a vision for the team, set expectations, and provides their team with the feedback—both positive and negative—needed to encourage them to give their very best. Then, you have the GREAT coaches who recognize each player as an individual adapt their approach accordingly. Finally, you have FANTASTIC coaches: they do all of these things, but also build trusting, respectful relationships and communication with their team as a group and as individuals.

But fantastic coaches are only part of the equation. Without the support of their organization, a fantastic coach will fail to communicate their vision to the team, and then the players won’t win the game. It’s a symbiotic relationship: great organizations, great coaches, and great players all need each other to thrive, and it’s the overall package that attracts life-long loyal fans in their communities. Great teams don’t just appear overnight; instead, they take time and have to be built from within!

At Achilles Group, our People Performance initiatives are custom-designed to our clients’ needs to help them do just that: build great teams. Our programs help strengthen your team’s accountability, support the strategic vision of your company, and help develop fantastic coaches who can lead your team to success! Remember, people leave leaders, not teams, so make sure your leaders are the best they can be!
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