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Importance of Performance Appraisals

We all know that it is important to evaluate how your company is doing throughout the year, but are you doing the same with your employees?  Employee evaluations can be a vital part of your business by letting your staff know where their strengths are and where improvements can be made.

While most managers don't look forward to this process, it is actually a great documentation tool for employers.  Most managers don't document conversations throughout the year so the performance appraisal process allows managers to document their employees' strengths and weaknesses.

This process should be viewed as a way for managers to have a collaborative conversation with their employees to discuss what they have done well throughout the year as well as areas of improvement.  One thing to consider is not to just think about how the employee has done over the last 3 months but rather what they have accomplished throughout the year.  Employees like to hear what they have done well but they also appreciate advice on what they could do better.  Feedback is very important and some managers don't give this to employees throughout the year.  The performance appraisal process is also a great time to discuss with employees what they might want to accomplish over the next year.  By creating a positive, learning experience, this process should be far less tedious for both sides of the evaluation.
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