Employee Reflections: Monica’s Journey With CloudNine

The following is Monica Scott’s write-up about her experience working with CloudNine. Monica is a Human Resources Director at Achilles Group. 
When it comes to acquisitions and mergers, it can be challenging to marry two company cultures into one. The different values, expectations, management styles and benefits of each company need to be reviewed and taken into consideration. Improving employee engagement is key to our Strategy Alignment.

For example, where one company might have more of a traditional Personal Time Off (PTO) Policy or Vacation Policy, another might have an open PTO concept. Determining what is right for the new company is critical.  This is where the importance of Strategy Alignment comes into play.

Such was the case with CloudNine, a client I began working with in late 2017. CloudNine, a legal and data technology company, was in the process of acquiring the eDiscovery suite from LexisNexis. The CloudNine team reached out to Achilles Group, in need of assistance with aligning the employees and company culture of the LexisNexis eDiscovery employees with that of CloudNine.

Using our Strategic Engagement Assessment, we were able to evaluate all of the human resources areas and determine a strategic workload plan to assimilate both cultures into one, as well as introduce new initiatives.  CloudNine is innovative and cutting-edge, and we have kept pace with their growth and projections using key drivers in our Strategy Alignment plan. Over the past nine months, we’ve worked with CloudNine to implement those initiatives, focusing on Recruiting Effectiveness and employee engagement.

In addition, we have conducted on-site training and onboarding in North Carolina, Ohio and here in Houston. Employees were able to learn more about the acquisition, what to expect moving forward and ask questions candidly.

The experience has been a great one for me personally, as the changes we helped implement left a positive impact on the current and future employees of CloudNine. I enjoy the opportunity to work with employees of many different backgrounds to help them get on board with their employer’s goals and mission. I look forward to my continued work with the CloudNine team!


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