What Is Human Resources Management?

Human Resources ManagementIf you’ve spent any time in the professional world, you’ve likely heard of human resources, which, in short, refers to the people and/or department within an organization that is responsible for managing resources pertaining to employees. Some organizations maintain an internal human resources department, while others, particularly small-to-mid-sized businesses and non-profits, outsource this need to firms that specialize in what is known as “human resources management.”

You might be wondering why a company would outsource their human resource needs. The answers can vary greatly, but the two most prevalent reasons to outsource human resources management are cost and access to talent.

Hiring employees is an expensive endeavor. Not only is there a salary to consider, but the cost of additional benefits as well, such as health insurance, retirement contributions, etc. The cost of all of these benefits combined can be great. Smaller businesses might not have the budget to hire human resources personnel. The solution is to hire a human resources outsourcing firm (HRO) like Achilles Group, that specializes in human resources management. Doing so allows you to access the talents of multiple human resources professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring a single HR individual.

Access to Talent
Working with an HRO like Achilles Group gives you access to a broad spectrum of human resources talent. It’s true that there is power in numbers; while one HR professional might have a specific focus area or two, working with a team of HR professionals can provide a huge advantage to your organization. No longer are you limited to the knowledge or capabilities of one person. Instead, you have access to multiple levels of expertise.

Achilles Group Fractional HR
Over the years, we realized that many of the business leaders we have worked with want the very best HR management structure for their organizations.

Most organizations have a need for multiple levels of HR skill sets that are not commonly found in one person. Finding that ideal mix of expertise or making the investment in multiple HR people can be overwhelming for most companies. So, we developed a Fractional HR concept that provides our clients with the ideal mix of expertise without making the investment in multiple HR people.

Our unique methodology is a collaborative approach between your organization and ours that starts with identifying your specific needs. We then determine the percentage of focus on each particular level and type of HR expertise necessary to satisfy your needs. With Achilles Group and Fractional HR, you get a designated HR professional who will manage the relationship, work directly with your leaders and partner with other Achilles colleagues to create custom solutions for your organization.

Our commitment to discovery gives us a keen understanding of your business and its culture and allows us to tailor a solution specifically for you. Human interaction is our key to a successful relationship with you and your organization.

To learn more about Achilles Group and the benefits of working with our team, contact us. We’ll set up a Discovery Session to learn more about your organization’s unique needs and how we can help.

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