PEO, ASO, HRO: What Do These HR Options Mean?

There are many HR options available to the marketplace these days, and while that creates great competition and choice, it also creates a great deal of confusion.  
What is an HRO? 
So, we have explained a PEO and an ASO. And finally, we’d like to help you understand the definition of an HRO. It stands for Human Resources Outsourcing, and Achilles Group falls into this category.

However, with our Professionally Human approach, we are unlike any other HRO. Most HROs available on the market today basically provide a “hotline” service where questions about compliance or employee matters are handled over the phone, and a library of tools and resources are made available for client use.

Where a traditional HRO is designed to be a reactive tactical resource, Achilles Group is proactive and reactive, strategic and tactical.  Achilles provides greater depth and breadth of HR knowledge and best practices, and because we get to know your culture and unique personality, our solutions are custom-tailored to fit perfectly into your environment.

In a nutshell, HR expertise is our core competency at Achilles Group, giving you impressive HR strength at a remarkable value. Click Here to learn more about our Fractional HR approach.

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