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Did you know that a new staff member makes up their mind within the first days of your employ whether they are going to stay or leave, become a star or a dud.
Six Rules to New Hire Happiness
1.  The first impression of your company really begins with the recruiting process.  [Read “Recruiting Your Brand” and “Applicant Interviewing Don’ts” in this Newsroom.]
2.  Concentrate on preparing the new person’s first day.  Have their desk/workspace ready with a welcome sign, office supplies, a computer that is all set up and a phone that works.  Also have their supervisor give them a tour of the area.  Don’t forget lunch!  Have a company-sponsored meal together either at your place or at an appropriate restaurant.  Let everyone speak a few sentences about themselves and their job and then ask the new co-worker to do the same.
3.  Organize your new staff member’s first week on the job.  Have them spend scheduled time with various staff members so they can get to know each other and the new hire can learn more about how all the parts of the operation fit together.
4.  Assign a mentor so the new hire has someone they can ask questions to even after thenew guy on-boarding is over.
5.  Give your new employee a copy of their Job Description and a blank Job Performance Review on the first day.  This ensures the employee understands the expectations of the job, as well as how success in the role will be measured. When the target is well-defined, it is more likely to be hit!
6. Check in with the new hire 60 days after their start date and see how things are going. It is still early enough to correct misconceptions and celebrate early victories.

The expert HR staff at Achilles Group is here to help you hire, on-board and sustain your staff.  We’re only a phone call away.  281-469-1800

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