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Strategy Alignment: Communication Is Key

With anything dynamically important to your business or personal life, there needs to be a pretty clear picture of where you’re heading and why it matters. While many organizations know where they are heading, they need help with recognizing how to pull everything together to achieve their goals. One way to do this is to place an emphasis on communicating your organization’s strategic goals to the people who matter most: your employees.

Why does it matter to the business? Why does it matter to employees? Because buy-in and passions are automatically enhanced when people feel like they are contributing to a common goal. Take the time to articulate to yourself and your people why it matters. This makes it real to you, and to them. It gives them a chance to relate to the goal, and the motivation to pursue it.

Purpose has great meaning once you have direction in mind. Get your employees involved with laying out the plan and really diving into the execution competencies. How can they contribute? Many organizations lay out great execution plans but fail to actually get the job done. Make sure your employees see and understand the organization’s goals as a true priority. Clearly recognize what the goal is, how to contribute and measure progress towards the goal. Doing so helps put everyone on the same page, and working collaboratively towards your collective success.
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