Ready for your business to move forward in 2018?

“Don’t look back—you’re not going that way!”We like that phrase; it serves as a reminder to grow from and move past hard times and to keep focused on the path ahead. At Achilles Group we believe Houston is, in fact, moving forward, and a key indicator for us is how much our clients recruiting activities have increased!

Many of the companies we serve have shifted their focus to emerging revenue streams, while -others are just rebuilding their capacity to match their upward-trending sales. Either way, every one of them has to recruit. This means, they have to identify key attributes, set the right pay range, place recruitment ads, and then sift through dozens of resumes to find the right profile and fit.

Luckily, our TalentConnection Service is here to help them narrow down their candidates to the cream of the crop. TalentConnection “the Achilles way” is a unique option available to both current and former clients of Achilles Fractional HR services, and it’s an approach that can be applied to any position type. Because we know your business, our experienced process-driven HR Professionals can—for a simple hourly fee—sift through resumes, conduct phone screenings, and forward notes with recommendations to the hiring managers, saving you a lot of valuable time and effort!
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