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TalentConnection, the Achilles way

TalentConnection, the Achilles way…
Find, hire and keep good people. Sounds like a great set of priorities… So you outline a clear recruiting profile, place ads and get a big response.  Now all you need is the time and technique to quickly work through a hundred resumes and find the 2 or 3 that make good prospects. That sounds simple enough, right? In reality, not so much.

Intentions are good, it’s just that your managers are juggling daily operational needs and multiple business responsibilities that doesn’t always allow them to give recruiting their full and best attention.  So they cut corners, glance over some of the resumes, skip phone screens and try and judge candidates just by what’s written on the page.  And when screening is not very thorough, a good percentage of interview appointments become no shows or a waste of time.  Meanwhile, the time lapse from submission to connection adds up; often the delays allow the best prospects to slip away as they interview and consider offers from your competitors.

It is for circumstances such as this that Achilles TalentConnection Services are designed.

TalentConnection, the Achilles way, is a unique option available for Current and Former Clients of Achilles Fractional HR Services.  The approach may be applied to any position type and is designed to engage our experienced process driven HR Professionals to sift through resumes, conduct phone screens and forward notes with recommendations to the hiring manager.

Because we know your business and your managers, Achilles team can step in on an hourly fee basis and recruit like you would if you had the time.  If you need help finding the right candidates, Achilles Group is here to help. Talk to one of our experienced HR professionals at 281-469-1800.

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