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Managing Multiple Holiday Requests

This the time of year when the leave requests usually flood in.  November, December and January can almost feel like one big holiday with people planning family gatherings and almost everything, except work.  
Now the question is, do you have a plan in place to determine who gets time off when there are multiple employees asking for the same leave?  There is no set way in which this must be done, however, you must remain consistent. 
Whether you have a policy of "first come first served" or if it is by seniority, make sure that your employees are aware of the procedure and that it doesn't change without prior written acknowledgment.  This will save you the problems of anybody thinking there is favoritism.  
If you have any questions or would like some assistance on how to set up your leave request policy please feel free to contact the Achilles Group professionals at 281-469-1800.
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