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Is Your Recruiting Strategy Paying Off?

Is Your Recruiting Strategy Paying Off?
So, if your company works really hard to identify your mission-critical talent needs, produces targeted ads, sorts and screens the responses, selects the top candidates, then extends the offer and closes the deal, you’ll be successful, right?

No, not necessarily. In fact, more often than not, management teams fail in their recruiting efforts due to lack of follow-through and intentional activity after the job offer is accepted! Establishing continuous feedback in the new hire relationship and an organized onboarding process are overlooked far too often, which can lead to negative consequences down the road.

But through the “Achilles Way” approach to Recruiting Effectiveness, we can apply our expertise to ensure this valuable new team member quickly gets on a proactive path to connect and engage with your business. We begin early with new hires and help shepherd them through the “evaluation period” to make sure that connection remains intact.

Achilles Group’s HR professionals are committed to making a difference in our clients’ businesses over the long run. Most of our client engagements average 9 years or more, so our Recruiting Effectiveness approach includes an ongoing effort to develop cost-effective tools and resources. In addition to building and maintaining your recruiting tools library, we also continually guide the recruiting process by training and equipping your leaders for effective results. Plus, we also help you establish the appropriate scoreboard and metrics to help you monitor turnover and engagement.

Ready to step up your recruiting game to ensure that all your hard work pays off? Reach out to the HR professionals at Achilles Group today!
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