Recruiting Effectiveness: Expand Your Recruiting Megaphone

At Achilles Group, we encourage and even insist on recruiting effectiveness becoming a vital component of your business strategy.  Recruiting is no longer a buyers’ market.  The tables have turned, and today you must sell careers to candidates.

In order to be successful in today’s recruiting landscape, it is necessary to move away from the tried and true methods of the past and embrace new technology.  Achilles Group employs several powerful tools that bolster recruiting effectiveness.  Take a look at a few of the advantages we can offer:

  1. No need to keep posting manually. At Achilles we assist you in creating the perfect job description once, then broadcast it to 28 of the best job boards available.  A bigger megaphone leads to more candidates.
  2. We work hard to fine tune the audience to fit your open role.  Tired of reviewing applicants that aren’t qualified?  Your time and that of your managers is valuable!  We are able to quickly and easily filter out the candidates that do not meet your minimum requirements.  Imagine that every candidate that hits your inbox is custom curated for your company.
  3. It’s hard to stay organized.  Managing the influx of candidates can often be a daunting challenge.  Oftentimes due to the high numbers of applicants it is difficult to keep the candidate pool organized. Once candidates begin to move through the hiring process, managing all the different candidates’ statuses and scheduling interviews can turn into a full time job.  At Achilles Group we take on the management and make it easy for our clients to navigate hiring talented, qualified candidates.
  4. We sell first.  We speak to each and every candidate before you do.  The Achilles Team is trained to sell your opportunity before you ever talk to the candidate.  We take the time to share your company culture, position, and effectively frame why it matters.

Put our team and toolkit to work.  At Achilles we help companies efficiently identify candidates to take to the next phase of the hiring process and manage each of the subsequent steps.  We enable you to run your business and add new talent to your team.  Don’t let your recruiting effectiveness suffer.  Give us a call today.

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