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How Fractional HR Can Help You!

Can you relate to any of the scenarios below?

  • There are only two of us handling everything from operations to accounting to legal to HR. With everything on our plates, it’s challenging to adequately handle HR issues when they arise, especially if we are in the middle of another important project.
  • Our current HR Director we have on staff is leaving, but we’re having a hard time finding one person that can keep up with everything and we can’t afford a large HR department.
  • We’re researching different firms to help us with our HR needs, but we’re finding that the larger firms want to come in and take over everything. And that just isn’t what we’re looking for right now.
  • We’re at an exciting time of growth in our company, but encountering some growing pains. We’re really looking for someone to provide thoughtful counsel and offer timely guidance as we hit different periods in our growth and provide much needed insight into organizing our larger team.

All of these scenarios are true client stories and all have seen success using our Fractional HR method. We have developed a “Fractional HR” concept that provides our clients with that ideal mix of expertise without making the investment in multiple HR people. While each scenario is different, they all benefited by Achilles blending different levels of expertise around the four Fractional HR Components – HR Infrastructure, Recruiting Effectiveness, People Performance and Strategy Alignment.

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