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Holiday Party Rules

Holiday Party Rules

Suggestions for EMPLOYERS hosting a SAFE and fun Holiday Party

• Holiday events are meant to reward employees, build camaraderie and provide fun.
• Establish a clear company policy that sets expectations regarding employee behavior at sponsored events.
• Remind employees they represent the company and should dress accordingly.
• If serving alcohol, take the appropriate steps to control consumption, require accountability and limit exposure.
o Provide a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for designated drivers and others who don’t wish to drink.
o Consider limiting the number of drinks an employee can have by issuing a specific number of drink tickets to each attendee. Stop serving alcohol at an appropriate time before the end of the event.
o Have taxis (or taxi vouchers) available for those who might need them.
• Address any religious considerations of employees by scheduling events during the week (Monday through Thursday).
• The holiday party should not be tied to any particular religion.
• Make employee attendance at company-sponsored events voluntary.

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Suggestions for EMPLOYEES attending a SAFE and fun Holiday Party
• Not attending could hurt your reputation at the office and you’ll miss out on a co-worker or two misbehaving. Try to attend for at least 30 minutes.
• Arrive on time. It’s a company function, not a meet-up with the girls/guys.
• Don't underestimate the importance of your guest's behavior. Choose whom you bring wisely.
• Watch your drinking so you don’t do or say anything you will regret later.
• Watch your eating and don’t pig out at the buffet. If you’re still hungry at the end of the party, grab a burger on the way home.
• Take time to visit with co-workers you don’t know well. You can never have too many friends at work.
• This is an office party – not a singles bar. Don’t invite disaster.
• Make sure your jokes and comments are appropriate. Be nice. Santa’s watching.
• Don’t talk business.
• Thank company executives for putting on the event as well as the support staff who did the real work.
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