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Five HR Trends to Watch in 2018

Five HR Trends to Watch in 2018
With the new year fast-approaching, it’s important to keep up with the latest and greatest predicted trends in the world of Human Resources. Many of these are driven by ever-evolving technological advances, but your business still requires that special human touch for success. Some of these predicted trends include:

  1. More employees working from home: The number of remote workers has increased rapidly in various fields over the last few years, and easy access to Wi-Fi and inexpensive remote technology means that this trend is expected to continue indefinitely.
  2. A bigger focus on employee engagement: Many of today’s employees (particularly millennials) want more than just a paycheck—they want a fun, collaborative atmosphere and a strong company culture. As many more businesses discover the positive effects of this type of work environment, this trend is expected to continue to be vital to companies looking to hire the best and brightest talent.
  3. The importance of social media in the hiring process: With more and more people using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, these channels have become incredibly important channels for both job seekers and recruiters. Nine out of ten employers use social media to find fresh candidates, and this isn’t going away anytime soon.
  4. Increasing reliance on data and metrics: The enormous influx of technology in the workplace has made it possible to measure and analyze almost everything (including productivity, success and failure rates, forecasting, and many other metrics), so it’s not surprising that businesses will continue to rely more heavily on it. It’s also made its way into the hiring process, allowing employers to sidestep any potential personal biases and focus exclusively on credentials and achievements.
  5. A more holistic approach to business: In addition to employee engagement, businesses are also finding that candidates also seek more job flexibility and a better work-life balance. This is continuing to manifest itself more and more in the form of flexible work schedules, job sharing, and an overall emphasis on employee wellness (both inside and outside the office).
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