Employee Reflections by Jared Wondra

Is your company up to the task of winning the “battle” for top talent? Companies all across the world are looking for new, innovative, and cost-effective ways to attract talent to their organizations. Achilles Group is like no other organization when it comes to Recruiting Effectiveness! We strive in the beginning not only to help our clients find the best talent but also in the long term to coach and mentor hiring managers and other key players in their organizations to become more effective at recruiting and attracting top talent.

I have worked at organizations in the past that follow the same methods and strategies that have always been the status quo of finding candidates to fill positions. Achilles Group has a unique advantage in the way that we are ingrained in our clients’ businesses from a day to day standpoint. Beyond the recruiting realm, we are involved with our client’s key players in everyday matters. This allows us to have the clearest picture possible of what types of candidates may be the best fit for each position. As well as the best strategies on how to find the top talent and on top of that, when the right time is to bring an individual into the organization. We help our clients stay from being reactive in their organizational planning to as proactive as possible. Staying proactive is one of the major keys to making great long-term hires that will not only add great value to an organization but help drive and innovate its culture!

If your company hasn’t begun thinking about new strategies and innovative ways to win the “battle” for the top talent then you should start today. I have personally been involved with many of the success stories in helping our clients achieve their ultimate goal! Hiring great people, with the right skills and qualifications who have the same goals in mind and fit into the company’s culture. Achilles Group doesn’t settle for the “status quo” for finding and attracting talent! You shouldn’t either!

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