Filling a Key Position Wisely and Economically

Your company needs to fill a key position and management thinks professional recruiting fees will be way too high for your budget. That means many staff hours will be spent creating and posting an ad, going through countless resumes and phone interviewing more candidates than you’ll ever remember. Just how economical do you feel now?

There is an alternative to both DIY (Doing It Yourself) and paying a percentage for the candidate’s annualized salary. We at Achilles Group understand that not every position requires a $10K+ investment and have developed other services that may be tailored better to your recruiting needs.

body lang-behind headFor a $250 to $350 posting fee and $75 to $100 per hour, Achilles Group will expertly:
• Help you write the advertisement
• Post the job on major job boards
• Sift through the applicants’ resumes and create the phone screen questions
• Carry out phone interviews and provide notes for each qualified candidate
• Coordinate and schedule interviews for your hiring team with your chosen candidates
• Provide a weekly report of all recruiting activities

If you are not able to find a suitable candidate that directly applies to your position, we can offer a variety of other more advanced recruiting services. We will also happily roll your hourly fees into a new service you select.

Please call Nikki Sekunda in our Talent Acquisition Team at 281-469-1800 to learn more about how we can become your trusted guide in hiring just the right person.

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