The Costs of a Bad Hire

Recruiting and hiring good employees can be the most critical aspect of running a small or medium-sized business. If you don’t hire the right people to begin with, your chances of success are slim to none. It’s easy to make the mistake of relying on the same methods that you’ve been using for years.
Everybody at your company has to contribute, which means more than simply doing one’s own job. It means having an impact on your company’s ability to compete, keeping your quality standards high, and keeping customers happy and costs under control.
While looking for new staff, it’s important to consider the repercussions of a bad hire.

1. A wrong employee can create havoc. If the new staff member doesn’t fit into your corporate culture, you lose momentum in your otherwise well-run department. Also, think of the business you may lose when that individual interacts with customers, the costs you may incur when you have to repeat procedures that were handled ineptly and the pressures on other employees who must pick up the slack. But the costs of a bad hire doesn’t end there. Arguments may appear, feelings may be hurt, and production definitely slows.
bad employee2. In the long run, it’s more difficult for you and your team to accommodate a poor performer than it is to invest in recruiting quality candidates. Having competent staff correct mistakes and re-explain procedure costs precious time and energy. It can also harbor bad feelings amongst your best performers.
3. Consider the expense and hassle when you have to cut your losses and dismiss this wrong hire.
4. Recruiting and hiring a replacement yourself is difficult. You will be taking time and focus away from your “real job” and your performance will reflect that.
5. Training and acclimating the new employee disrupts work flow. There will always be “ramp up” in a new hire.
These are just some of the headaches your company will avoid by investing in professional recruiting and hiring quality candidates who will fit in with your culture.
For help finding the right candidate, call Nikki Sekunda in Achilles Group’s Talent Acquisition team for help. 281-469-1800

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