Examples of Fractional HR

In chemistry, “fractional” is defined as “relating to or denoting the separation of components of a mixture by making use of their differing physical properties.” The discipline of human resources involves many different components, including HR Infrastructure, Recruiting Effectiveness, People Performance and Strategy Alignment.

Here are a few examples of real-world business challenges that can benefit from Fractional HR:

  • A brand-new start-up needs help establishing core values, policies and procedures, and a company handbook. It’s a big job that will require full-time support at first, but once they’re up and running, they’ll only need occasional support on key initiatives.
  • A local business doesn’t have the staff to effectively recruit or stay on top of HR compliance issues. That requires two distinct skill sets that are not commonly found in one person. But their budget won’t stretch to hire two people.
  • A family-owned company is growing beyond the family and needs to develop an employee relations strategy that builds on their business heritage and can grow with market initiatives.

In each of these examples, Fractional HR can help by providing cost-effective HR expertise that is both broad and deep. Our Fractional HR model involves a designated HR professional to manage the relationship, work directly with your leaders and proactively connect other colleagues on the team in a blended approach at the right level, at the right time.

Achilles Group can apply Fractional HR to meet your unique business challenges. Talk to one of our experienced HR professionals today at 281-469-1800.

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