Employee Handbooks: A Solid Foundation for Business Growth

An Employee Reflection on the Crest Management Success Story
Earlier this month we shared a Success Story from Crest Management, one of our recent clients. Specifically, we focused on the work that we did to help improve their HR Infrastructure by updating their employee handbook. Now that you’ve heard the client’s perspective, we’d like to share an Employee’s Reflection on why this improvement was key to allowing them to grow more efficiently.

Olivia Williams, an HR Coordinator here at Achilles Group, shares her thoughts on Crest Management’s Success Story below:

Because companies often downplay the importance of implementing consistent documentation throughout their organization, an employee handbook is a useful tool that helps them properly outline the expectations of the company to both new and tenured employees. In the case of Crest Management, their fast growth and hectic schedule meant that their team was struggling to find time to update their handbook, so Achilles Group was brought in to help. We were able to collaborate with Crest Management’s management team to identify their recent business changes and thoroughly update their handbook in a way that clearly documented their policies, procedures, practices, and company culture.
At Achilles Group, we are able to tailor our Fractional HR approach to our clients’ needs and help improve their established processes and procedures in a cost-effective way, no matter what type of organization it may be. Tailoring the basics of HR Infrastructure makes it so much easier for our clients to maintain compliance with employment regulations and create a solid foundation for their business growth!

-Olivia Williams, Achilles Group

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