Achilles Recruiting Effectiveness “Playbook”

At Achilles Group, we encourage and even insist on Recruiting Effectiveness becoming a vital component of your business strategy.

Our Motivation
We bring the expertise and resources to install Recruiting Effectiveness as a competitive advantage. We partner with your leaders to build a solid recruiting game plan and then help you make the plays that win.

Our Approach
We begin with a series of discussions to understand your capabilities. Then we partner with you to upgrade your processes, tools and technique as needed to fit the current and future needs of your business. We also recognize that leaders can become overrun with multiple business responsibilities and not always able to give recruiting their full and best attention. And in these circumstances, the Achilles team can step in on an hourly fee basis and recruit like you would if you had the time. (Read more about Hourly Recruiting, the Achilles Way here.)

Our Commitment
Finding and retaining talent is crucial. Through discovery and engagement we come to know your business culture and from this vantage point we will advance a holistic effort that equips your team for each phase of the recruiting cycle. After this process, we then continue as a coach and ongoing champion of your Recruiting Effectiveness. Together, we ensure your leaders develop an ownership mentality and embrace their responsibility to drive all aspects of this critical competency.

Effective Recruiting, the Achilles Way
1. Outline a Well-Constructed Process (Process Map): Specify who does what, when and how

2. Establish Commitment to Hire: Agree upon urgency to hire, targeted attributes and approved salary levels

3. Select Recruiting Methods: Ad placement channels from a preplanned menu of “go to market options”

4. Manage the Response Pool: Narrow the field via well-defined and relevant screening criteria

5. Interview Applicants: Equip hiring managers with effective interview skills for any level of applicant

6. Identify Top Candidates: Based on selection criteria and validated assessments (if used)

7. Approve Finalist Offer and Close the Deal: Extend the offer, close and proceed to pre-employment checks

8. Connect and Engage: Do this early with new hires and help shepherd them through the “evaluation period”

9. Develop Cost Effective Tools and Resources: Build and maintain your recruiting tools library

10. Create Sustainability: Support hiring managers via ongoing orientation and training sessions

11. Scoreboard and Metrics: Maintain a Recruiting Pipeline View, turnover tracking and metrics scoreboard

There is always a cost impact when you address gaps and issues. There is also a cost impact in not taking proactive steps to improve critical functions. We know your leaders with recruiting responsibilities need help, focus, structured tools, coaching and direct timely support. We can do that here at Achilles.

At Achilles we believe… “If you want to be the best in your field amongst your competition then recruit the best. Win the talent war and you save money short term and make money long term.”
Reach out to the HR Professionals of Achilles Group for a customized approach, the expertise and horsepower to establish Recruiting Effectiveness as a core competency and competitive advantage.

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