Kyra Bob

Kyra is a confident and curious Human Resources professional who brings her recruiting background, fundamental HR knowledge, and bright smile to Achilles Group. She works alongside various team members to complete tasks pertaining to different client work streams, such as corrective action, recruiting effectiveness, salary market research, rollout presentation development, and the creation of job descriptions for employee role clarity. She also contributes to the team’s Talent Connection efforts, serving as both a sourcer and screener for a variety of positions.

Kyra delivers services and projects to support our clients and works internally to develop products for Achilles, such as employee communication templates and training documents. Her experience spans across multiple industries, including but not limited to, Oil and Gas, Residential/Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Transportation, and Banking.

Kyra has always been intrigued by the disciplines of leadership and the impact they have on employees and businesses.  This passion led her to earn both her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from the accredited Texas A&M University, where she studied Human Resource Development and minored in Business. It was during her studies that she learned the value of having an authentic, impactful, and honest leadership approach, which Achilles Group gives her the opportunity to embody as she works each day. She takes these core values and applies them when working with clients, making sure to show genuine interest and embrace a diversity of thought, thus remaining professionally human in all she does.

In her free time, Kyra enjoys acting and dancing in the Houston community, spending time with friends and family, attending church, and going to the movies. You can always find her with a big smile, enjoying life, and trying to brighten someone’s day.