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We Are Professionally Human

There are many misconceptions about the world of human resources. As a field, it can be thought of as rigid, dry and black-and-white. Perhaps even inflexible and unforgiving at times. However, not all human resources professionals are cut from the same cloth of conformity. Though bragging isn’t typically in our nature, we at Achilles Group pride ourselves on our Professionally Human approach to business. It’s our business to know your business, and that means getting to know each and every client on a personal level.

The chameleons of HR, we at Achilles Group specialize in acclimating ourselves to you and your business. This is evident in the diversity of our clients - businesses, organizations and non-profits across a number of different industries, including manufacturing, oil & gas, restaurants, healthcare, engineering and aviation to name a few.

The new imagery on our updated website pays homage to the variety of clients we work with. While brainstorming ideas to take our website to the next level, one of our main points of focus was to make sure any new photography showcased this variety, and we think the new captures this element perfectly. Though it required extra effort on our part, we selected some of our closest clients and organized photo shoots on-site at their offices – or airplane hangars, restaurants, factories and bakeries, where appropriate.

From there, our talented team member Jennifer Heylmun, business-development-specialist-slash-photographer, worked with Achilles Group team members and clients in their native habitats and came up with the beautiful photography that now adorns our website. It was important to show us at work with our clients, taking our Professionally Human approach with us wherever we go. We think our new site does the job. We hope you do, too!
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