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Apache Services COVID-19 Decontamination Service Testimonial

Apache Services, Inc.As we ease into reopening the office, Achilles Group team members have been brainstorming ways to safely make the transition back into office life. When we learned that one of our clients, Apache Services, Inc., offers COVID-19 Decontamination services, our team member Dan Calvert scheduled them to clean the office. The results are impressive and worthy of sharing! Keep reading to learn about Dan’s experience with Apache Services.

Dan’s Experience with Apache Services 

Upon Apache Service’s arrival, we did a walk-through of the office space with their supervisor and laid out a plan for each area/room, assigned a specific employee to an area/room and discussed what types of cleaning would be appropriate for each area. The cleaning services offered include spraying and wiping of specified areas, fog treatment, UVC light treatment or a combination of all three.

The process was well-organized and efficient; the treatments left no oily or sticky film or residue on any surfaces, and no chemical odors were left behind. Apache offers both a large UVC light output device, as well as hand-held devices to do individual desks and work areas. During the Decontamination service, Apache employees wore masks, white hazmat-type protective suits,  disposable shoe covers, and dark lens safety glasses when doing the UVC light. All high-touch points, chairs and armrests were wiped and sprayed. They were very careful as to what application was used when cleaning the office to avoid damaging anything in the office.

The Apache team generally requires the office or work facility to be vacant when they are cleaning, and asked me to leave when they did the fogging. I was there less than 10 minutes after the job was complete, and there was no smell or lingering after-effects of the cleaning.

Pricing appears to be in line with the competition, based on the size and difficulty of the project. They have multi-level plans that can include offices, shops, work yards, and vehicles. For additional information on Apache Services Decontamination service and pricing, please contact them at 713-475-2200.

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