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Watch Your English!

Watch Your English!
Is yours one of the many Houston-based businesses that hires employees who do not speak English?  Here are some points to ponder:

Federal Posting Requirements maintain that if 20% or more of your workforce is not proficient in English and speaks another language, you must post your federal labor law posters in the language those employees speak. (Many languages are available.)

Don’t assume that your non-English-speaking employees are aware of your HR policies and procedures.  If translating an entire employee handbook is not realistic, assign bilingual staff to deliver the necessary messages. The same goes for basic job and safety procedures.

To provide for a respectful and productive work environment, make provisions for training your entire staff in proper workplace interaction.   Doing so may require translation support to avoid intercommunicating these principles.  Achilles Group can assist you with equipping your team with the resources required to avoid communication problems down the road.

Create the best possible work environment to engage all of your valuable employees.  We call that “Success” in any language!
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