There’s Comfort in Having a Plan

There's Comfort In Having A PlanAs business owners, the relentless headlines of COVID-19 are taking up almost all of our oxygen, making it difficult for us to catch our breath. The most important thing we can do as business owners to honor our employees is to ensure that the business makes it to the other side of this crisis. So, let’s take a few minutes today to step back from the headlines and breathe. Let’s take a realistic look at the needs of your business over the next few months as we ride the wave this coronavirus is creating in our economy.

  1. Many years ago, a wise man told said, “Cashflow is KING!” And he was right. One of the most important indicators you deal with is cashflow.

How is yours looking?

  1. If you’ve still got open jobs, service requests or product orders, that’s fantastic! A lot of businesses aren’t so lucky. As a business owner, you understand that the future health of your business is all about the forecast.

How is your pipeline looking?

  1. As much as we’d like to put in some earplugs and tie on a blindfold, we know that the entire U.S. is facing a potential “stay at home” order. In Texas, our Governor is leaving it up to individual counties to make the call.

Harris County and Houston go into effect Tuesday, March 24 at 11:59 PM and is set to last through April 3. Others may follow. Even though we can’t predict what each county will decide, you can understand how your business is categorized in a pandemic situation like this one.

Is your business considered essential? There’s comfort and calm in having a plan, for you and for your employees, even if you don’t have to implement it.

To live you need the following, in the following order: Air, Water, Food (AWF).  This is the Achilles Way of prioritizing our business needs as well – AWF. Let us help identify your priorities so you can recognize the air for your business, and in the process, make it a little easier to breathe. As always, we encourage you to:

  • Use us as your sounding board
  • Stay positive
  • Take time to see the good AND
  • Keep looking for blue skies
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