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TalentConnection Success at OGsys

TalentConnection Success at OGsys
TalentConnection may be the solutions for you if the following sounds familiar:  Find, hire and keep good people. Sounds like a great set of priorities… So, you develop a clear recruiting profile, place ads and get a big response.  Now all you need is the time and technique to quickly work through a hundred resumes and find the 2 or 3 that make good prospects. That sounds simple enough, right? In reality, not so much.

Intentions are good, it’s just that your managers are juggling daily operational needs and multiple business responsibilities that doesn’t always allow them to give recruiting their full and best attention.  So, they cut corners, glance over some of the resumes, skip phone screens and try and judge candidates just by what’s written on the page.

Instead of cutting corners in recruiting, OGsys employed Achilles Group for TalentConnection services.  Courtney and Monica of Achilles were already advising on other HR related needs, so they were easily able to step into recruiting without impacting the development projects and the leadership team’s already limited time. They took the time to understand not only what they were looking for in new talent, but who they were as a company.

Courtney and Monica sifted through resumes, conducted phone screens and shared notes about each candidate making the recruiting process quick and easy. This not only saved the OGsys leadership team valuable time, but allowed their focus to remain on the important day-to-day business needs.

Do you need help recruiting? Let Achilles Group use our expertise to attract top talent while you focus your efforts on running your business.
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