Spotlight on: Monica Scott and Vacations

Summertime is vacation time, and our Employee of the Month, Monica Scott, recently took a trip to visit Walt Disney World in Florida, where her daughter is currently interning. Monica is a dedicated HR Generalist who loves partnering with her clients and helping them grow. But, like any hard working professional, she feels like it’s important to take time off to refuel and recharge. We agree!

Research shows that the benefits of taking time off include higher productivity and performance, and a more positive attitude towards work. However, a recent study of 5,681 American workers showed that full-time employees are taking less vacation time than ever before. Returning to a mountain of work and fears that “no one else can do the job” were the top reasons cited for not taking a vacation.

No one wants important business to pile up or fall through the cracks because someone is out on vacation. It’s essential to have a plan in place so that employees feel comfortable taking time off and employers can rest assured that work continues to get done during vacation season.

“Achilles is terrific because we work as a team, and we help each other out,” Monica says. “We take the calls, and work with each other’s clients, so that they don’t miss a beat.”

Achilles Group recommends establishing a backup plan that addresses coverage and key duties in the event someone is out. With a plan already in place, business can continue to run smoothly when an employee takes a vacation – or anytime an unexpected leave occurs.

Monica could rest and relax at Disney World, knowing that her Achilles teammates had work covered – including taking care of brand new clients, like accounting software firm OGsys.
“We love everything about Disney from Star Wars at Hollywood Studios to the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom,” Monica says. “My entire family always feels like we have ‘come home’ when we go to Walt Disney World.”

It was a well-deserved vacation! Please join us in congratulating Monica as Employee of the Month – and be sure to ask about her vacation the next time you talk to her.

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