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Sourcing the Right Employees

Talent Acquisition should be one of the most important components of your business because hiring the right people can be one of your company’s biggest competitive advantages.  Great employees contribute to and enhance your company’s brand, culture and overall success. Now the question is, where do you find these outstanding employees?

At Achilles Group, we will not only help you find a solution to your HR needs but we can help find the right people to make this possible.  When you depend on us to help with your recruiting needs, you are depending on people who have a good understanding of your business as well as your organization’s culture. During our recruiting process, we invest time into understanding your company’s business functions, the position qualification and your company’s culture to ensure we find the best fit for your organization. Often times finding candidates that will be a culture fit is the most important piece to hiring the right employees.

When your company is in need of effectively filling a key position, The Achilles Group has the resources to help assist you with this process.  We can help with coordinating the entire recruiting process including job postings, phone screens, interviews, administering various assessments for skills or personality and running background checks.  Our recruiting process can be customized to meet whatever your recruiting needs might be.

With our extensive background in Talent Acquisition, we can certainly assist your company in finding the right employees.  If you have a recruiting need, please contact us at 281-469-1800 to speak with one of HR Professionals. We will be happy to help!
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