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Recruiting Effectiveness: Establish a Commitment to Hire

Recruiting Effectiveness: Establish a Commitment to Hire
Last week, we discussed the importance of setting yourself up for recruiting success by putting a recruiting process together within your organization, as well as gathering the necessary tools for recruiting success. Once this step has been taken, it’s time to establish a commitment to hire, which is the second step in our recruiting effectiveness process. What would this look like within your company or business?

Here are some ground rules to follow:
  • Set Expectations. Lay the groundwork for your recruiting initiatives by getting buy-in from key decision-makers and influencers within your organization. This could be from your immediate supervisor or other individuals who will work closely with your new-hire. Make sure everyone is fully aware of what you’re collectively looking for in a candidate and ready to commit to the recruiting process.
  • Determine Candidate Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs) And Talent Needs. Create a list of qualities you are looking for in your ideal candidate. Consider the ideal education requirements, specific hard skills (technical know-how, sales savviness) and also soft skills (strong work ethic, positive attitude or good communication skills) needed to fill the position. Work with other recruiting team members to create a well-rounded list of desired candidate qualities.
  • Don’t Wait For A Purple Squirrel. Decide on the number of people you would like to interview for the position. Between three and five people is a good place to start, but this is not a hard number. One other note: don’t keep interviewing candidate after candidate in search of your “purple squirrel”, as we call it in the recruiting world. There is no such thing as the perfect candidate. If they fulfill most of your KSAs and talent needs, are a good fit culturally and great team player, don’t wait to make an offer. Particularly if you've hired for the position before, be ready to make the decision to hire if rockstar candidate walks in during the first round of interviews.
For additional recruiting tips and tricks, reach out to us and schedule a discovery meeting. And stay tuned for next week’s blog post, where we take a further look at selecting recruiting methods.
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