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Recruiting Effectiveness: Determine Your Top Candidates

Now that you’ve completed the interview process for your job opening, it’s time to determine the top candidates for the role. You might already know who you’d like to hire, or you might feel torn between a few star candidates who are equally qualified for the role. How do you decide on the one final candidate to extend an offer? Keep reading to learn about different assessment methods to identify top candidates.

Enthusiastic About the Job – of the candidates that are under consideration, is there one that stands out in terms of enthusiasm about the opportunity? Candidates who show passion towards a job opportunity are more likely to carry that passion with them into the job itself, and add positive energy to company culture.

Memorable Interview Answers – which candidate really left an impression on you with his or her responses to your interview questions? While this might seem obvious, the candidate that gave you insightful and thoughtful answers may set themselves apart from other candidates.

Educated About Your Company – candidates who did their homework by researching your company and its values are a step above the rest. Pay attention to the ones who really connect with your company’s mission and objectives.

Verify Credentials – there always exists the possibility of a candidate to exaggerate their skillset, education, or job history.  Though it takes extra time, verify your top candidates’ credentials to make sure they are who they say they are. Call their references, and perform thorough background checks.

Give Them an Assessment– still torn between two or more candidates? Give them a job-related assessment. Doing so will give you a well-rounded view of how each candidate works and problem-solves. This will help you determine which candidate has the most desirable attributes and tests their acumen.

Take Them Out of the Interview Environment –interviews can cause anxiety, even for the most qualified candidate. There is pressure to perform, and it’s common for people to feel more tense than usual. Offer a change of venue and arrange an off-site meeting to promote a more relaxed, real-life experienceFor example, a lunch meeting with a group of colleagues could provide a more candid setting. However, be certain the mix of attendees includes co-workers and not all senior managers as this could create more stress. One tip for a lunch setting is to observe how the candidate treats the service staff – this is a good indicator of his or her true character. 
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