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Recruiting Effectiveness: Evaluate Your Interview Process

So, you’ve successfully navigated through the process of sorting through resumes and selected key candidates you’d like to learn more about. Now it’s time for the next step of Recruiting Effectiveness – interviewing applicants. It’s no secret that interviewing can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced hiring manager. But it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to learn about a few of our interviewing best practices.

Evaluate Your Interviewing Process– with the rising popularity of websites such as Glassdoor and Indeed, candidates of today are more informed about your company and its hiring process than they would’ve been even five years ago. These sites also provide an opportunity for employers to review candidate feedback and firsthand impressions from candidates. This valuable insight can be used to implement changes to increase the effectiveness and feel of the interview process from the candidate’s prospective.

Preparation Is Key– make sure you’ve done your homework and are prepared to interview your candidates. Remember, candidates are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them, and nothing sends a message of not caring quite like a lack of preparedness. Have a list of questions ready to go, know what qualities you’re looking for in an ideal candidate and dress for success.

Answer Questions Honestly– It’s important to make sure the candidate you hire is the right fit, not only the job, but for your company’s culture. Answer questions about the job position roles and responsibilities, expectations, salary and benefits and company culture openly and honestly. The last thing you want is for a new hire to feel blindsighted because their job isn’t measuring up with what they had expected it to be.

Skip The Frivolous Questions– Let’s face it, no one likes to talk about their weaknesses, and it’s not likely you’re going to get an honest answer from a candidate anyway. Stick with questions that are relevant, productive and intentional, and tailor the questions to the position you’re hiring for. If you’re looking for a foodservice manager, give an example of a recent customer service issue that came up at your restaurant and ask the candidate how they would solve it. Have a copy editor proofread a document. Ask an IT analyst to solve a hypothetical computer issue. Asking direct, focused questions will help you find the right candidate and save you time.

Listen– Pay attention to what candidates are telling you, not only verbally but physically as well. Pay attention to body language and non-verbal cues. Repeat back what the candidate tells you in your own words, and ask for clarification when needed to make sure you fully grasp what they are saying. Resist the urge to focus on the next question in the interview, or what your response will be to what the candidate is telling you. Make an effort to really listen to what they’re saying (and not saying).

We hope you have found the tips above to be useful and applicable to your next interview. If you have questions, or would like to learn more about how enhance the interview process at your organization, reach out to us and schedule a discovery meeting.


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