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Recruiting Effectiveness After Hire: On-Boarding

Recruiting Effectiveness After Hire: On-Boarding

At Achilles Group, we believe that it takes an ongoing, internal dialogue to build Recruiting Effectiveness. This dialogue does not end once your open position has been filled, it continues through the onboarding process.

Onboarding is a critical step in the recruiting process and sets the stage for an employee’s successful tenure at your company. At OGsys, Achilles Group team members Courtney and Monica worked with the leadership team to develop onboarding tools and a process that sets new employees (and the company) up for success. On their first day, new hires take part in a company overview presentation that explains the history, core values, leadership, team structure, and products. Short-term and long-term company goals are discussed at length.

Achilles developed a customized and streamlined set of documents for new hires that includes standard hiring forms such as I-9, W-4, and Direct Deposit. It also includes several pieces customized for OGsys: their Benefits Overview, Client Confidentiality Agreement, and Employee Handbook. This forms packet ensures not only that the employee receives necessary information, but that the company has the proper documentation in place.

Beyond the initial onboarding process, Courtney meets with each new hire face to face for a 60-day check-in.  During this meeting, Courtney leads the employee through a discussion to make certain that things are going well, and to address any questions that might exist. This part of the process helps build rapport with the employee, as well as knowledge and confidence in their new role with the company.

With Achilles coaching, an effective onboarding process has a positive impact on the bottom line and, on overall recruiting effectiveness.

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