Effective Recruiting Methods and Techniques

Recruiting effectiveness is part of Achilles Group’s cohesive best practices framework.  Using effective recruiting methods and techniques, Achilles collaborates with organizations to create a competitive recruitment game plan, and then assists them making decisions that are efficient and economical.

As far as methods, they vary by position.  Effective recruiting methods for a multiple hire situation may include broadcasting a message through technology and electronically screening applicants to the next stage in the vetting process.  If the open position is at a higher level, methods may be expanded to include outside sources for the search process.  Perhaps every applicant will be interviewed face-to-face.  Assessments may even be implemented to validate certain skills, behaviors, and attributes.  The higher the stakes, the more efforts should be expanded, but efficiency of the process is key, and that is Achilles specialty.

When it comes to techniques, Achilles assists with time management when sifting and sorting resumes.  We help you specify what you’re looking for, identify flags, and avoid knee-jerk reactions.  We train your team in the interview process, including everything from what the interviewee sees when they walk in the door, to how they are treated and the flow of conversation.  We want to make sure each person leaves with a great quality experience with your organization, whether they are hired or not.  When we find the right fit for the job, we help you set up an offer and compensation that is attractive and competitive.

Once again, while there are consistent themes that will be applied across all levels of recruiting, no approach is universal, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Methods and techniques will always vary by position and situation, and the recruitment process must be adjusted accordingly.

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