How does Achilles Group differ from a PEO or ASO? Part 4

In prior posts, we have explained a PEO and an ASO.  So, you may be wondering how Achilles Group differs from a Professional Employer Organization And an Administrative Services Only approach.  There are really three major differences:

  • – Our Level of Expertise,
  • – Our Proactive Engagement Model,
  • – You Get a Designated HR Professional Who Will Guide the Relationship.

Because we are not providing payroll and insurance products, we are able to focus solely on your people and conduct a deep and thorough assessment of your organization.  Achilles Group’s service is not reactive, it’s proactive.

In other words, we don’t wait by the phone for you to call us needing our help.  Instead, we are proactively and intimately engaged in your organization’s overall HR health and best practices.  When employee issues arise, our keen understanding of your company and its culture means our advice is tailored to your company and its unique employee population.

You may also be wondering if your business is a candidate for HR Outsourcing.  If you are a company leader who has recognized the need to alleviate the emotional pull of people related issues and are looking to off load some of your more time-consuming HR concerns and tasks, you are a great candidate for HR Outsourcing and exactly the kind of company where Achilles Group can make a difference!

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