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Interviewer: What Is Your Body Language Telling Your Candidates?

Interviewer:  What Is Your Body Language Telling Your Candidates?
Picture it:  You are interviewing a great candidate whom you want to fall in love with your company.   Be careful of the message you’re conveying via your body language.  You don’t want to scare off the very person who could be a great add to your company and make you a hero in the office!

Avoid Drumming your fingers or rubbing your facebody la-finger drumming Both of these gestures are clear signs of annoyance. Having your legs crossed while shaking the top leg The shaking leg portrays the image that you’re uncomfortable and nervous, or even bored and impatient.

Too much smiling You may be trying to be friendly and make your candidate feel more comfortable, but put on that smile a little too much, and you’ll risk scaring off yourbody lang-behind head candidate.

Leaning back while clasping your hands This gesture can make you appear completely disinterested in the interview and what your interviewee has to say. Instead---You Should Try: Touch Fingers Together Show them you know what you’re talking about – touch your fingertips together to conveygood interview authority.

Up and Open Keep palms up and open to suggest honesty.  Your physical gestures should be open and expressive.

Eye Contact Demonstrate curiosity and enthusiasm while your candidate is speaking. Making direct eye contact and leaning slightly forward will help.

Always Remember The Team at Achilles Group is always here to find the right candidate for you and eliminate much of the interviewing process on your end.  Feel free to call us at 281-469-1800.

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