HR Infrastructure: What is it? Why do I need it? And why should I care?

At Achilles Group, we focus on delivering Human Resource expertise in a cost-effective way for our clients. Using our highly-personalized Fractional HR model, we focus on protecting and growing our clients in four major areas: HR Infrastructure, Recruiting Effectiveness, People Performance, and Strategy Alignment. This model is tailored specifically to each of our clients’ needs and HR skill-levels, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring multiple HR professionals.

What is it?
Think about HR Infrastructure as the foundation and “skeleton” of your business; though not easily visible, it provides the support that holds the business together and helps keep its shape. In practical terms, this includes handbooks (employee, manager, safety, etc.), policies, records retention, I-9 processes, and labor regulation compliance, and we create these tools to help our clients’ mitigate employment-related risks and allow for maximum business growth potential.

Why do I need it?
Achilles Group’s HR Infrastructure helps your team make confident decisions throughout the employment journey. We help create new hire documents and support our clients with I-9 compliance training (including self-audits), handbooks, and other employee paperwork. These handbooks and stand-alone policies define your structure and guide your relationship with your employees.  HR Infrastructure is only one of the four components of working with Achilles Group, but it lays the groundwork for your business’ further growth and prosperity.

Why should I care?
Imagine you’re watching a baseball game with no rules and no umpire to call the pitches. What would that be like? Perhaps left-handed batters would run around the bases clockwise. Or, maybe all the batters on the roster would bat every inning! And how could you keep score? It would certainly be a different game: messy, chaotic, and perhaps even unrecognizable to those watching.

Much like the rules of a baseball game provide mutually agreed-upon terms for teams to play, HR Infrastructure provides mutually agreed-upon policies for employment. We at Achilles Group work to create and instill effective policies that align with our client’s mission, vision, values, and culture. Being “professionally human” means that we put people at the center of our business. We take the time to connect with clients and seek to understand the unique opportunities and challenges of their business. With those opportunities in mind, we shape the HR infrastructure components to bridge the gap between compliance and culture.

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