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A Client’s Perspective: Crest Management

At Crest Management, we were so busy growing our business that we didn’t take time to stop and figure out what we needed in regards to investing in our people. We came to a point where we’d quickly grown to fifty people, and at that point we knew we needed to put some structure in place and make a variety of improvements to our Human Resources capabilities. After interviewing two different firms we decided to go with Achilles Group, and they were able to dive right in and get a good feel for our company.

One of the most important aspects Achilles Group focused on was HR Infrastructure. Again, due to our growth and busy schedules we hadn’t had the time to work on this, but they were able to identify key elements that needed improvement. For instance, we had an employee handbook that hadn’t been updated in several years, but Achilles Group was able to collaborate with us to really understand the changes that had taken place in our business since it was first written and adapt effectively. Consequently, we now have an up-to-date document that clearly outlines our operating policies, procedures, and behavioral expectations, complete with the most current laws and regulations.

Overall, we’d recommend Achilles Group to any rapidly-growing business. With growth comes inevitable change, but we wanted to make sure we did things right. Though we interviewed two different firms, Achilles Group was far superior in every way! They were a great fit for our company!

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